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Armando Montelongo

Armando Montelongo is America's most successful real estate investor. Find out how you can build wealth with Armando's real estate seminars.

Armando Montelongo was broke and living in the garage at his in-laws. Now Armando is running a multi-million-dollar Inc. 500 award winning company. His story is about thinking positivly, mentoring, dedication and taking action now.  

Armando's against-the-grain thinking led to 25 renovation flips per month and a series of remarkable accomplishments in a short amount of time. 

Armando's life is reflected in a service-first attitude toward students, He has a fun-is-productive philosophy that guides all his companies and everything he does. 

Education, the result of a promise he made 10 years ago, was added to show anyone determined to succeed a path. 

A desire to promote his homeland of San Antonio guided the creation of a movie production company that produced a flim called Mission Park. The flim was produced in San Antonio.

Armando's love for auto racing has led to sponsorships at the legendary Indianapolis 500. As well as sponsorships in the World Series of Poker.

To learn more about Armando read his bio in his book Flip and Grow Rich which can be found here:


Armando Montelongo's Background

Armando Montelongo's Experience

CEO at Armando Montelongo Companies

January 2007 - Present | San Antonio, TX

Helping my students Flip and Grow Rich

Armando Montelongo's Interests & Activities

Hanging out with my kids. Educating my students. Investing in Real Estate. Flipping Houses. Teaching Real Estate Seminars.

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